Monday, June 1, 2009

Global Game

We are all actors on this giant global stage.
We, I mean, all individuals, stakes, corporates, states, world and even galaxies...
Profit or non profit, public or private, national or multinational do not matter.

The name of the game is not new but the oldest: realization of our different ambitions. Although the term ambition may refer to a negativity, in this approach it doesn't necessarly point to a negative sense.

However, as the main player are the individuals, we most of the instances misses to realize our real ambitions but end up with some outcomes which are shaped by others.

Thus, is the individualism or the globalism that corrupts the other?

Maybe we need a more specific guideline for individuals, corporates, states that we should read as frequently as possible, as sometimes the human memory has failure to store the strategic goals.

So, the quest is to build up a general and customized guidelines for each actor.